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Moving With Kids & Pets: Tips From a Moving Company

Moving can be stressful and tiring. It can get worse when dealing with kids or pets are involved. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. There are many things that you can do to make the whole moving process less stressful. Here are some great tips for moving with kids and pets.

Tips From Your Calgary Movers When Moving With Kids & Pets 

Tip #1: Get the Kids and Pets Out of the Way

Having kids and pets running around while the movers are doing their job is stressful to the movers and also dangerous. The best thing you can do in this situation is to get them out of the way. Try to see if you can have family members of friends watch them for a few hours until the movers finish loading everything onto their truck.

Tip #2: Keep the Kids Occupied

If you can’t get anyone to watch your kids while the movers are doing their job, figure out a way to keep them occupied. It’s a smart idea to ask the movers in Calgary to clear out a specific area or room in the house. You can then send the kids to the cleared area and give the kids some fun activity to pass the time until the movers are finished with their job.

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Tip #3: Put Together a Handy Kit

Think about everything you need for the kids and the dog. Then create a handy kit and put everything you need in a bag. This can be anything from prepared sandwiches, clothing for your kids, hand soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, snacks, pet food, and more. Go beyond getting what you need for the trip. Think about the things you need once everything is unloaded.

Tip #4: Plan Everything Beforehand

Movers in Calgary will recommend that you don’t just go with the flow when moving. Think about everything that would need to be done and plan ahead. For example, it will be difficult to cook after arriving at your new location.

Find a convenient restaurant in that area that you can take your family out to. If it’s a long trip and you’ll get there by night time, you may want to look for hotels in the area so that your family can have a relaxing place to sleep. It will be better to start in the morning rather than working through the night to set up the furniture and unpack all the boxes.

Tip #5: Use a Kennel for Your Pets

If you’re taking your pets with you, you should make use of a kennel. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your pets out of the kennel during the trip. But when they get to your new place, you don’t want your pets running around and knocking things over. Plus, you may need to keep the pets in the kennel if you have to bring them to a restaurant or a hotel.

Tip #6: Give the Kids Some Responsibilities

If your kids are a little older, why not give them some responsibilities to occupy them and get them to help you with the move. Get them to organize their belongings that makes sense to them. After you get to the new location, give your kids the responsibility of unpacking their boxes in their rooms. This ingenious idea will save you a lot of effort and time.

Tip #7: Pack to Make Unpacking Easier

It’s obvious that you’re going to be grouping a lot of related belongings together to keep things organized. But you can do better than that to pack to make the unpacking process easier. Some of the things you’re going to need right away is access to clothing. So when you do pack your clothing, you want to move the clothing you’re going to wear to the top. This keeps the unpacking process easy, quick, and clean.

Tip #8: Pack and Unpack When the Kids are Asleep

If the kids are getting in the way, pack and unpack while they are asleep. Pack their personal belongings before the residential moving companies Calgary comes in. The kids may get fussy about you packing away their favorite doll or constantly nag you to unpack their favorite toy. You can avoid doing this by keeping them busy until they finally fall asleep.

These are the tips that residential moving companies Calgary will recommend you if you want to remove a lot of the stress that comes with dealing with kids and pets during a move. You’ll find that the moving process will be quicker and easier with these smart tips.

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