Top 5 Things to Do After You Move

Finally you are in your new home. Congratulations! But just when you’re ready to collapse on the couch for a movie night, you realize the couch is in the middle of the room surrounded by boxes and the TV isn’t even set up. The work isn’t over yet. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed after the Calgary movers leave, though; use this list to tackle the important stuff.

Young cheerful couple communicating after relocating into new apartment.

1.Get the Utilities Going 

The utilities may be shut off at your new home, so one of the first things to do after working with Calgary movers is to call the power company, water company, or gas provider to get things up and running. If the utilities are on already, call to put them in your name.

2.Unpack the Essentials Delivered 

Plan ahead by packing an overnight bag for each person in the family, and unpack those first. Follow that up with a few essentials so it can help you live functionally in the new space.

3.Locate the Shut Offs

Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with your home. Find the shut offs for the power and water as well as gas and oil if the home uses those.

4.Update Your Address

A change of homes means a change of address; update your address as soon as possible to minimize disruption. Give your new address to important businesses, such as your credit card company.

5.Check Your Belongings

You’ll probably have a specified time period to report any missing or damaged items after a move, so take a moment to inspect your belongings.

Residential movers in Calgary simplify the process of moving; with this list, you can tackle the end of the move as well.

From local to long distance moving, you can count on Calgary Super Movers to get your belongings to their new home quickly and safely. Our licensed and insured professionals are ready to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

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